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Eclectic French Dining in Baltimore Maryland

Martick's french restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland is an adventure in exquisite french cuisine and eccentric Baltimore style. Morris Martick is the irascible proprietor and chef. dishing out exciting traditional French cooking like bouillabaisse, country pate, roast duck with brandied cherries, blackened lamb and succulent veal marsala. It is a great French menu.There is also interesting original art work on display and for sale.

Eccentric is a polite word to describe the dilapidated building that stands at 214 west Mulberry street in baltimore. Marticks was born in the building in 1923. And has never gotten the where with all to get the hell out. Until perhaps now. Rumor has it that martick maybe be closing up soon. We would hate to see that. I would certainly miss the disheveled old rascal with his disarming aggression and optimistic retorts.

Morris is an excellent chef that prepares all of his own menu and makes his own stocks. Everything is made to order. His country pate is the best in baltimore. His sweet potato soup routinely wins awards(he gives it one every morning).

The atmosphere is the same as it was back in the sixties when Martick's was the place to be. There is still a wonderful selection of artwork for sale and on display. Including really cool posters featuring Martick, the building and some of the statues that are inside the building. You can actually buy some of the posters on line at this link. These posters make great gifts and are originals designed by various local baltimore artists.

Martick's is Baltimore's best french restaurant featuring french food, french cuisine and art. And of course Morris martick.

Last updated 4/20/03